Orensic Pathology Case Study: The High-Speed Head-On Collision”

Read the below case study and then answer the two questions that follow:

A 22 year old man is involved in a high-speed head-on collision wherein he is the driver, wearing a seat belt.

He is taken to the ER and examined, where he is determined to have patterned bruising on the chest and lower abdomen from the seatbelt, but no other injuries.

He is observed for 12 hrs in the hospital, and felt to be ready for release. The only change noted is on the chest x-ray, where the mediastinal area appears to have increased somewhat in size. This is felt to be unrelated to the trauma and the patient is sent home.

He is found dead the next day.

Autopsy shows a large amount of blood in the left chest cavity.

1) What is the cause of death (in correct format for the Death Certificate)?

2) What is the mechanism of death?