Orensic Pathology Case Study: The JFK Assassination”

One of the most famous murders in history is that of President John F. Kennedy.

First read the Autopsy Report of The President (m_j_russ/hscawech.htm) given before the House Select Committee on Assassinations more than 20 years ago (statements Dr. Wecht maintains to this day).

Be advised this is a transcript, so it is full of extraneous comments, statements of thanks, etc. Also, some of the images of evidence submitted are difficult to interpret (given size and reproduction; one link to evidence does not load). That notwithstanding, the meaning and rationale of Dr. Wechts observations and critique are very clear.

The assignment is to:

1) Summarize the stated concerns raised by Dr. Wecht;

2) Summarize the opinion of the other members of the expert panel of forensic pathologists who disagree with Dr. Wecht (reflected in the statements of Dr. Wecht, Committee Counsel, and members of the Congressional Committee); and

3) Provide your own critique of the points raised by Dr. Wecht. Do you find his statement of concerns convincing or not? Why or Why Not?

NOTE: This question will take a significant amount of reading, synthesizing and critical thinking to answer.

This is a BIG question. As you complete this assignment, please permit me to remind you that your work should be well-reasoned, clearly presented, complete, and thorough.