Orensic Pathology Case Study: The Student Athlete”

A 15 year old student athlete returns to school after an absence of 3 weeks because of mononucleosis. A student walking toward him, carrying a box of books, happened to strike the student athlete in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen, knocking him off balance and to the ground. The student apologized, and the athlete went to his next class, where he noted onset of pain in his left shoulder. He went to his next class, and then to baseball practice where he was anxious to again workout with his teammates. He was concerned that he might exacerbate the apparent shoulder injury, however, so he told his coach about it. The coach suggested that he give it another day of rest, and asked how he was feeling. The athlete responded that he was not feeling as good as he had when he came to school, saying a?Maybe I tried to do too much, too soon, because Iam actually getting weak.a? The coach remarked that he looked a little pale, and suggested that he go into the Training Room and lay down. Since there was no one in the Training Room, the coach had to go in and open the door for him, telling the athlete to come out and get him if he got to feeling substantially worse.

About two hours later, the coach looked in on his athlete and found him non-breathing and pulse-less. CPR was initiated, paramedics were called, and he was transported to the hospital. A resuscitative attempt of 54 minutes total was to no avail.

Answer the following:

1) What do you believe was found at autopsy and why?