Orensic Psychology Professional Roles When Working With Police Operations

Last week you examined how forensic psychology professionals assist police administrators with the staffing, interviewing, evaluating, and training of police professionals. In addition to assisting police professionals in their administrative capacities, forensic psychology professionals assist them in operational functions as well. Police professionals and specialized units engage in a variety of diverse activities, and, if they are receptive, they can draw from the knowledge, skills, and abilities of forensic psychology professionals to assist them. The forensic psychology professional draws on the extensive body of psychological research in the area of police psychology to make police operations more effective.

To prepare for this Discussion:

a? Review the following articles. Focus on the roles that forensic psychology professionals perform related to police operations, as well as the value and impact of these roles.

a? Evolutionary Psychology and False Confession”

a? Using a Cold Homicide Case to Teach Criminal Profiling”

a? Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Deciphering Truth in the Criminal Mind”

a? UTEP Places Police-Lineup Tradition on Trial”

a? Ive Got a Girlfriend”: Police Officers Doing Self-Disclosure in Their Interrogations of Suspects”

a? Law & Psychiatry: Mental Illness, Police Interrogations, and the Potential for False Confessions”

a? Select one forensic psychology professional role that impacts police operations. Think about the function, value, and impact of this role on police operations.

a? Conduct an academic search in the Walden Library for scholarly articles that feature the role you selected. Select two articles that best exemplify the role you selected and its impact on police operations.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief description of a forensic psychology professional role related to police operations. Explain its function and value to police operations. Then, analyze the impact of this role on police operations. Include examples from two cited journal articles.