Orensic Science Archaeology Witness Statement

I require a forensic science witness statement.
References should be from Journals only.
It should contain details about how remains are recovered, identify the minimum number of individuals, the postmortem interval (how long the individuals have been dead) These should be supported by references only from journals.
From my initial assessment I have identified the minimum number of individuals as 4. I did this by identifying the number of leg bones (there were a total of 4 left leg bones). This method or any method you decide to use needs to be supported by references from journals.
Factors to consider for postmortem interval include where the body was found, the temperature,were the bodies buried.
For qualifications and experience please provide the experience a forensic archaeologist requires in order to be an expert witness.

I will attached further documents that will be needed. Thank you.

Added on 15.02.2015 20:45
This is a copy of what I have done so far

Added on 15.02.2015 21:02
I have attaches a word document of what I have done so far, scan 1 and 2 showing a table of the commingled remains and evidence found, several pictures of the mock crime scene and a sketch of the crime scene. Please feel free to contact me if anything is unclear or if more details are required, thank you.