Orensic Science in Policing : A New Frontier

Paper Title Page: Paper must include a title page with title, name of student, course title, date, and name of instructor.

*CJ 2300 POLICE PROCESS (Course Title)
*November 3, 2009 (Date Paper Due)
*Dr. Shirley Snyder (Instructor)

Length: The Paper must be no less than 4 complete pages and no more than 6 pages in length (not counting the title page and the works cited page).

Requirements: The Paper should be typewritten and double-spaced; using size 12 fonts with standard 1-inch margins and justification on margins, plus title page, works cited page and a copy of all resources/references used will be required.

a.Fonts must be Times New Roman.

b.The Paper shall be stapled in the top left hand corner. It need not be placed in a binder or other type of folder.

c.The Paper should be written using correct grammar and punctuation. Points will be taken off for errors.

Internal Documentation + Works Cited Page: Paper will be written using the MLA format with internal documentation and a works cited page listing at least five (5) references, with only two (2) reputable references allowed from the Internet. All sources other than your own ideas must be documented in the paper and on the works cited page.

Papers failing to include internal documentation and a  Works Cited page listing no less than five (5) references will not receive a passing grade.

Research References: Copies of all references used will be attached to the Paper with all quotes highlighted. (Please identify the source clearly with the title page of the document used showing; title, author, copyright date, detailed website address (if applicable), along with all subsequent pages that were quoted and highlighted.)