Ormal Analysis and Discuss the iconography of Georges Braques Boats on the Beach

Part I: Formal Analysis

Describe your work in detail, incorporating all relevant formal elements. These elements usually include: color, shapes, use of two and/or three dimensional techniques, scale, and figure style. Include the role of the medium and the physical properties of the work. If your work is a sculpture, discuss the viewpoints and the way the design of the work relates to the surrounding space.

I will read this part of your essay for close observation of the original, so try to include as much detail as possible, so I can tell that you have studied the original work.

Part II: Historical Framework:

Discuss the iconography of your work. What is the subject? How would it have been understood by its contemporary audience? Which other works seem to be most closely related to your work? Where is this work positioned within the overall career of the artist? What purpose or function did this work serve for the society in which it was created? Define as precisely as possible the historical conditions in which it was created.

In order to develop this portion of the paper you will need to locate at least 3 scholarly sources relevant to your selected object. You must provide references in your essay for any information or direct quotes which come from outside sources. Your citations can be in end notes or footnotes, and you need to provide the author s last name and the page number where you found your information.