Ormal Analysis of A Disaster at Seaby Joseph Mallord William Turner

A Disaster at Sea
Joseph Mallord William Turner


The thesis or main idea or main idea I would like you to prove is that the
Formal qualities are showing us chaos...”

I found a lovely explanation from Virginia State University that helps explain why we need to rework a translating something from a visual language to a textual language is one of the most vital things many of us will have to do when communicating. The papers and what I saw as for a synthesis of information presented on the midterm is not what I want.

So, working together in class we will begin writing a formal analysis together.
To begin:

1. Summarize the overall appearance of the work.
2. Describe the work by beginning with the first thing you are forced to look at and then name and describe the second thing and then name and describe the third thinga¦ keep this going until you exit the image.
3. Just describe do not interpret.

There will be a series of points to explore. Take this information and work it into a short paper with an introduction including a thesis, a body, and then a strong conclusion.