Ormal analysis of Grey Lines with Black, Blue and Yellow

Write a 5-page paper on one building or art object in Houston. When you decide on the artwork, let me know. This paper will be due on Thursday, October 25th in class. Only hardcopies will be accepted! Your paper must have four specific parts:

1. Formal Analysis. Discussing size, function, composition, color, texture, program, form, shape, etc. For architecture, include a discussion on its purpose and geographical context. For art objects, include a discussion regarding its purpose (i.e. is the image chiefly decorative, illustrative, narrative, iconic, or some other scheme?). You should compare the building/artwork with AT LEAST one other building/artwork that is a relevant comparison (you can use the images in your textbook for this).

2. Historical Context. Place the object/building in the time period when was made. You can refer to the reign of the respective politicians and religious leaders, major events of that period. What makes this artwork significant and a representative of that culture?

3. Images. Provide a photograph or scan, with captions, of the building/artwork you are talking about and other artworks you are comparing it to.


4. Interpretation. Explain the significance of this artwork. Why do you think the museum chose this piece to purchase and display? Why did you choose it? What message does it communicate to you?

Paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins. Grammar and Spelling: There is an automatic 5 point deduction for grammatical or spelling errors over 10; 10 points for 20 errors or more. Provide all your references as footnotes, using Chicago-Style formatting. Illustrations should be provided regarding artworks you mention, unless they are common knowledge or incidental (like i.e Eifel Tower).