Ormal Business Letter with Technical Definition

Write a formal business letter addressed to your boss, department head, the Dean of the Cullen College of Engineering, or the University President recommending purchase or implementation of a device, software, or system.

Find one area where your place of work or the college or university needs a piece of equipment or should implement a new system. Then write a formal business letter to your boss or the appropriate person at the university explaining why that system or equipment is needed. Include a technical definition that fully explains the device or system. Use a problem/solution scheme in the business letter, and follow the context, content, contact form.

Your grade will be based on
a? following the formal block letter format
a? using a problem/solution scheme to explain the necessity of the device or system
a? including multiple paragraphs that use the context, content, contact form for business letters
a? explaining the need for the new device or system
a? grammar and mechanics