Ormal Business Report: The Use of Wikis for Home Bank

Write a formal business report on the following scenario:

Wikis are becoming increasingly important to businesses that rely on teamwork across time zones and national borders.

You work at a large financial institution, Home Bank. Your team has collaborated on your finance-related research using a wiki.

Your supervisor is impressed and would like you to collect more hard data so he can pilot wikis for wider application in collaborative settings at the bank.

Your preliminary research suggests that quite a few companies are using wikis, such as Best Buys Geek Squad, Zerox, and IBM.

In fact, IBM conducted a massive online brainstorming session that took two 72-hour sessions and involved 100,000 employees, customers, and business partners in over 160 countries.

Your boss is interested in these cases as he decides whether to pilot a wiki, and if so, what kind would work for Home Bank. He asks you to write a complete formal report on the matter to include the following parts:

Title Page;

Letter of Transmittal;

Table of Contents;

List of Figures / Illustrations;

Executive Summary;

Body of Report (e.g., Problem, Background, Discussion of Findings, & Projections);

Conclusions & Recommendations; and

Works Cited.

Note: For your convenience, Ive attached both the written work plan that was previously completed for this project, as well as a model business report, that is the sample format that I would like for you to use.