Ormal Essay on Drama Feminism and Isbens A Doll House”

write a structured, detailed analysis of a work of literature drama.

With this paper, analysis must be informed by at least two outside, secondary sources other than the play you are writing about. Those sources must be academic in nature, so search the library and its databases to find them, not simply the internet. Wikipedia, Grade Saver, Cliffs Notes, and the like are NOT academic sources. The essay should be roughly 750 to 1,000 words in length, follow MLA guidelines for formatting and documentation, contain a title.

Isbens A Doll House”

How do Nora and Kristine represent the role of women in Victorian Europe, or how do the tenets of feminism allow you more insight into their characters?

Show how the ideas of feminism help to illuminate a specific reading of the play that remains consistent with the attitudes and tenets of that form of criticism.

Review the information about the criticisms in our text (P.1338-1340)

BOOK a The Norton Introduction to Literature
Portable 10th Edition Alison Booth a Kelly J. Mays
W.W Norton & Company Copyright 2011, 2006