Ormal Essay Response to a?Forty Years of the Internet: How the World Changed Forevera? and a?Introduction to Digital Culture.a?

n his essay, Oliver Burkeman explains a?Its impossible to say for certain when the internet began, mainly because nobody can agree on what, precisely, the internet is.a? Although we use this tool everyday and most of us have come of age in a digital world, with the internet an ever-present entity in our lives, where it governs our friendships, our jobs, our academics, and, in short, our society, many of us still do not know what exactly the internet is or what it does. Do you?
Taking into consideration the points made in both Burkeman and Joseph-Nicholasa essays, for your first assignment, construct a definition of what you believe the internet to be. Base your definitions upon the information offered by both authors in their writing, and see if you can come up with a concrete definition that will assist you later on in this course, when you will be asked, once again, to define exactly what you believe the internet to be.
Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers to this question. Do not let your fears of being wrong hinder you in the writing process. This is only an exercise in learning how to define your subject in your writing, where you learn to focus your definitions on a few obtainable and, more importantly, explainable aspects.
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