Ormal Nursing Research Paper request nursing professional

Formal Research Paper

Each paper will cover a disease process. Select one disease process and complete a research paper on the disease chosen. There must be 6 references for the paper:
” 3 of which must be professional journal articles
” 2 from a web site
” 1 from a text or nursing book.
Be aware the references, unless a classic, must be current (5yrs or less). This paper counts as 15% of your final grade. Papers will not be accepted after November 15, 2007 by 1700.

” Computer generated with correct spelling, grammar, & punctuation
” APA format
” Title page with title, student name, institution name, this is page 1, the running head is introduced on the top of the title page, flush right
” Reference page
” The minimum number of written (introduction, body, and conclusion) is 10 pages; the maximum is 12 pages.
” The care plan in concept map format does not count as one of the written pages. The care plan concept map should put into conceptual format the nursing care discussed in the body of the paper. Choose the 4 highest priority nursing diagnoses as discussed in the paper for completion of your care plan concept map.

” Besides assessing content, the faculty will be assessing your ability to use reliable references, your ability to analyze, draw conclusions, and plan nursing care
” Please note this is a nursing research paper and the majority of your grade relates to nursing care of the person experiencing this disease process.

Grading Rubric For Research Paper

4 3 2 1 0

Introduction of the topic: 10%
” Reason for choice
” Incidence of the disease
” Etiology of the disease

Body of the paper: 20%
” Pathophysiology including a concept map of the disease process
” Clinical manifestations
” Collaborative care

Nursing Care: 20%
includes nursing care as part of the body of the paper

Conclusion: 5%
” Conclusion draw from your research of the topic

Care Plan in Concept Map Format: 25%

Mechanics: 10%
” Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
” Correct sentence structure
” Correct paragraph structure
” Paper specified length
” Smooth transition from paragraph to paragraph

APA format: 10%
Including headings, citations, the correct listing of references, margins, etc

4 Superior
3 Above Average
2 Average
1 Below Average
0 Not included in the paper