Ormal Proposal on Pensions for Public Employees

I need this paper by Friday 31 Jan 8am United States time. If I cannot have this paper by then PLEASE DO NOT Process for payment. I need a Formal Proposal on Pensions for Public Employees. DO NOT INCLUDE A COVER SHEET OR REFERENCE PAGE! Highlight all referenced used. I am not able to download pages or scan them. The book needed is Technical Communication Fundamentals (William Pfeiffer/Kaye Adkins) Using the guidelines in your textbook, write a Formal Proposal: The proposal should include: . Cover/Title Page 2. Letter/Memo of Transmittal 3. Table of Contents 4. Executive Summary 5. Introduction
6. Discussion Sections . Conclusion 8. Appendices (include an APA style Reference Page) If necessary, include a List of Illustrations. Be sure to include that material in your Table of Contents.

For this proposal, imagine that you own a company that has been asked to provide a proposal to solve a problem in your
local community. Research possible topics in local newspapers, and be sure to provide references for any outside
sources you use in your proposal.

Refer to the sample proposal on pages 174-182 of your textbook for an example of the proper form