Ormal proposal, outline, and bibliography for the ARR

Here is my topic
Topic 2 How affiliations and networking within clinical environment influences patient care and nursing performance
Problem In transforming social dynamics, lack of cross cultural understanding adversely impacts patientsa care
Solution 1
Promote affiliations and networking across diverse groups and departments for ethically delivered patient care.
Solution 2
Mentoring and sharing experiences within clinical environment improves patients care delivery and nursing competency
Expected outcome
The solution seeks to look at affiliations and networking in healthcare setting as important mechanism that facilitates safe and effective clinical practice that leads to higher competent care (Cherry, 2013; Kass-Bartelmes, 2002). As a major in Health Informatics, I am interested in the study as it would give critical insight into the mechanisms of knowledge management within nursing and how it can be exploited to enhance the competency of nurse leaders to improve patientsa care.
This is what my teacher thinks about my topic and explain what I need to do.
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I can approve either subject, so choose the one you like best to follow through on for the formal proposal. However, note that the ARR (which youre proposing) is basically a comparison/contrast. You will report on both solutions (by criteria which are missing, by the way) and compare and contrast them to recommend one over the other to your decision-making audience (hospital administrator somewhere? Audience must be named in proposal. While I accept either subject, I think the second looks most suitable, and I expect you to post again to say which subject you will persue, the criteria you will use (see p. 14 in the course packet), and to name your audience.

This what Creating Criteria
Here is a list of possible criteria for evaluations
Aesthetic Value
Consequences of Actions/Inaction
Consumer Perception
Compatibility a with existing equipment, systems, buildings etc
Costs-Short and ling termInvestment versus return for example, or capital costs minus energy savings
Ease of Operation/Implementation
Environmental Impact
Life Span
Portability Purchase Price
Side Effect
Time Constraints
Training Requirements
User Friendliness