Ormal Report (final report) ( queueing theory at Starbucks the same topic)

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Assignment 9

Formal Report
(the final report is about the same topic about queueing theoryMinimizing the wait time in the queue at Starbucks”)
To complete this assignmenta the major demonstration of your writing skills in this coursea you will need to prepare a formal report, the body of which should be 10-12 pages, documenting the results of your research during the semester. Your report must include in-text citations from at least 7 different sources to receive credit( any person you speak to counts as source and you can use websites also)( you can also use the report that I did last semester about queueing theory u can use the math equations and the answers and the results also the data that I took, and you could also use the simulation pictures ad talk about that you simulate the queue line at Starbucks using Simio Software, and also the input analyzer figure also you can included it in the report and say for example by using the input analyzer I got this and you will see all the information you need in the report also you can use all the information in the report and the teacher will really like the using of math equation to prove the result and the simulation and input analyzer too use the same data and numbers on the report feel free) . And the report must be formatted according to the manner prescribed in class ( for the manner prescribed in class check the four power points files that have all the information to guid you).
( I also gonna submit three final report models to guide and you can look at them and follow exactly the same format please the same thing )
****The report must be written in block format, in 12-point font, and bound. It must contain the following:

A transmittal letter (20 pts)
A title page (5 pts)
A table of contents (10 pts)
A list of figures (for any visual aids that are figures in your report)
A list of tables (for any visual aids that are tables in your report) (5 pts for both lists)
A list abbreviations and symbols (5 pts)
A summary (60 pts)
An introduction (30 pts)
Discussion sections (discussion + conclusion + recommendations 100 pts)
A conclusion
APA-style, in-text documentation as described on pp. 640-657 in your textbook
A list of references (APA style) (15 pts for correct in-text and end-of-text format)
Having in-text and end-of-text citations from at least seven different sources is a threshold requirement for receiving credit.
Not having more than 20 percent of your report in direct quotations is a threshold requirement for receiving credit.

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and I want to ask you a favor when you start to do your outlines for this final report could you please submit that to me so I can look at it and see what you need to add. just to make sure we are on the right track please please please.

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