Ormal Report/Proposal and Powerpoint Presentation on Necessary Workplace Change

The class is WRTG293: Introduction to Professional Writing

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Description: An overview of professional writing. The goal is to analyze professional communication scenarios to develop effective workplace writing. Topics include the standards, conventions, and technologies of professional writing; communicating to a variety of audiences; and developing appropriate written responses to workplace challenges.

For THESE Assignments (5 and 6): They are actually two assignments combined into one which requires a formal report/proposal ALONG with a Powerpoint Presentation. The 10 pages includes the following:
a. letter of transmittal
b. title page,
c. table of contents and list of illustrations,
e. summary or abstract, an introduction, a discussion or body, a conclusion with recommendations
f. lastly, the Powerpoint presentation itself. I can send a sample of the formal report/proposal if necessary

If you can, please start off the paper with the following and let me know if you need more detail:

One major problem that we have at our command as a whole is the overall manning (number of personnel assigned to the command). There is an excess number of personnel with specific Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs) where a lot of money is spent to send them to certain specialty schools to learn certain skills regarding specific equipment but what they were sent to school for does not allow them to utilize those skills at the command due to the fact that the equipment is obsolete. What has happened is there are so many personnel that are assigned to jobs where they are working completely out of their areas of expertise. One solution to this problem would simply be to evaluate the overall manning requirements based on what the command has currently and reassign those billets to the correct personnel. This would save the Navy and the American taxpayers so much money. It is not an issue with the command being overmanned, it is simply assigning the right billets for the right jobs. With this rearrangement, this would alleviate any problems with Sailors being disgruntled, unmotivated, and would allow personnel to stay on track with learning even more new skills to understand the overall operational picture.

From my professor: Formal Report/Proposal and Powerpoint Presentation

Assignment 5 Instructions: Write a proposal in which you suggest a solution to a problem or the feasibility of implementing a solution to a problem. Explain the problem and the solution, how the solution meets the criteria required or eliminates the causes of the problem. Explain cost and implementation, the personnel who will carry out the proposal (if necessary) and why other solutions will not work. Use visual aids in your report and consult your textbook for format.

Details: Consult your textbook (ISBN-13: 978-1-133-60738-0, Technical Report Writing Today by Daniel G Riordan) for format. Your formal report should include the following: A letter of transmittal, a title page, a table of contents, a list of illustrations, a summary or abstract, an introduction, a discussion or body, a conclusion with recommendations.

Assignment 6 Powerpoint Presentation or Alternate Presentation Description
Instructions: Create a brief powerpoint presentation on the subject of your Formal Report/Proposal.