Ormal specification of non-functional properties in component software engineering

Please make sure that 15 pages will be about the below outlines :

a? Divide specification languages which are generic over non-functional properties.
a? Non-functional properties (The specification that already exist):
a? QML
a? CQML+
a? SLAngs
*Above are specification languages that already exist
*Which component forms are these specification languages relate to?
*Comparison between them similarity and differences
*How will they apply model service composition?
*Example of some non-functional properties such as performance, Reliability and a¦

3. Problem Statement:
a? Define a problem: problem can be defined after identify the shortcoming() of these specification languages mentioned above, (how to address the limitation of these specification languages that they have in common ) what are things that these specification languages donat support

Important resources:

Jan A?yvind Aagedal. Quality of Service Support in Development of Distributed
Systems. PhD thesis, University of Oslo, 2001