Ormal systematic learning is less important than informal learning. Discuss this statement with reference to theories of learning

Paper may and may not include the following topics
1. Learning Theory and its Relevance to HRD
2. Placing the Focus on Behaviour
3. Placing the Focus on Cognition
4. Behavioural and Cognitve Theory: Comtemporary Applications to Practice
5. Metaphors of Learning
6. Individual Dispositions, Identity and Learning
7. Adult and Experiential Learning
8. Situated Learning
9. Conceptualising Workplace Learning
10.The workplace as a site for learn
11.Informal and formal learning
12. Measuring the Impact of Workplace Learning
13. The Power Relations of Learning
14. Emotion in the Workplace
15. Diversity in the Workplace Gender, Ethnicity and Social Class
16. HRD Professionals Learning