Ormal systematic learning is of less important than informl learning. Discuss this statement with reference to theories of learning

Term Paper Statement

In addressing this question, one could argue that formal systematic learning is of less important, equally important or more important than informal learning. In arriving at a conclusion, this paper attempts to examine the question in the light of learning effectiveness and the benefit of workplace learning to the organisaton with reference to theories of learning.


The Nature of learning

The Learning Organisation

Behaviourism in Psychology and Adult Learning

Workplace Learning Environment and its

Relatioonship with Leasrning Outcomes

Apprenticeship as Conceptual Basis for a Social Theory of Learning

Workplace Participatory Practice: Conceptualising Workplace as Learning Environment

The significant of individual disposition in work place learning a case study of 2 teachers

The lessons of work: towards an understanding of the implications of the workplace for adult learning and development

Communiies of Practice and the Construction of Learners in Post-compulsory Education and Training

Workplace learning : main Themes and perspectives

Critiquing Workplce Learning Discourses

The Dynamics of workplace Learning

Expansive learning Environment: Integrating Organisational and Personal Development

The impact of informal learning at work on business productivity

Literature Review in Factors Influencing the implementation of training and Learning in Workplace

Globalizing commercialization and Individualization