Ormal Written Report and a Creative Marketing Presentation for marketing mix

Formal written report word length: 2500 words (+/-20%).

Assignment submission: electronic submission through EASE.

For this assessment you need to complete two (2) tasks, a Formal Written Report and a Creative Marketing Presentation.

Formal written report
Select an existing consumer good that you find interesting (do not choose a service or an industrial product). Your task will be to prepare a formal written report (as per the Communication Skills Handbook) that describes the product, promotion and pricing strategies for that product.

Your formal written report must include the following:

Letter of transmittal addressed to the CEO/ Manager of the product company

Title page

Executive summary

Table of contents

Formal introduction

Product and target market description (refer Lamb et al. Chapter 5)

briefly describe the product including price and features

describe the target market based on at-least 4 (four) relevant descriptors

Product Strategy (refer Lamb et al. Chapter 7 & 8)

determine the product type and discuss the marketing mix implications for this type.

explain the positioning strategy you think is being used for the product.

describe the product according to the three levels of the product.

Promotion Strategy (refer Lamb et al. Chapter 10)

describe all promotional tools used to communicate the product to the target market.

include a copy of one promotional tool used to communicate with the target market.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this promotional tool? Discuss whether this tool suits the needs of the target market.

Pricing Strategy (refer Lamb et al. Chapter 12)

identify the pricing objective and strategy most likely being used for this product.

draw a perceptual map for the introductory stage of the product lifecycle for this product. (include price as one of the perceptual map dimensions). Explain your map.

draw a perceptual map for the maturity stage of the product lifecycle for this product (include price as one of the perceptual map dimensions). Explain your map.

Marketing Mix adjustment strategies

discuss how the marketing mix elements (product, price, or promotion) could be adjusted to better suit the target market. As you will be assessed on your creativity and your innovative ideas, this is your opportunity to think of novel ways to market your selected product to the target audience.

Conclusions & Recommendations (see Summers & Smith 2010 for what to include)

List of references and evidence of using a range of sources apart from set text

Format, spelling, grammar, in-text references (see Summers & Smith 2010).

Creative marketing presentation
Based on your good ideas discussed in the formal report, prepare one power point presentation (approx.10 slides). Prepare a script (approx. 1000 words) of what would be said during the presentation. Submit 1 file only with the script in the notes section of PowerPoint (choose view notes view slide in the top and transcript at the bottom).

For this part of the assignment, do not simply cut and paste your discussion from the formal report. Whilst you can use your ideas from the report, the presentation script needs to use material that is appropriate for an oral presentation and meets the additional requirements set out below. On-campus students must refer to the On-campus Assessment Document housed on the course homepage for full assessment details.

Prepare a 15 minute presentation (slides plus script) that covers:

Title page title, name/(s), date

Overview of the presentation topics covered

Purpose of the report

Description of the material/ research you used to compile the report.

Description of outcome of your investigations (i.e. findings from each section of the report)

Reflection What did you learn about the report process and your ability to complete it?

References provide a list of references using Harvard referencing style (see CSH)

Presentation (appearance of slides appropriate fonts, backgrounds, images, etc.)

Script correct spelling, grammar, in-text referencing, etc.

You are expected to demonstrate your understanding of relevant theory as well as explaining application of that theory for your selected product.

You should use other sources of information in addition to the set text (such as: the company website, other texts, relevant articles/ sources) to support your discussion. This will increase your understanding of the subject matter and add credibility to your discussion. You must correctly reference your sources of information using the Harvard AGPS referencing style.

You can access information for most products via the Internet. Do NOT contact the company. If a piece of information is not available from public materials, make a realistic assumption and state it in brackets (e.g. assumed). Keep references such as this to a minimum.