Ormulate a plan to complete a successful JAD session

Title: Systems Analysis and Design, Video Enhanced (8th Ed.)
Author(s): Shelly, Cashman & Rosenblatt Physical ISBN: 0-538-47443-2 eBook
Publisher: Course Technology
Chapter 3 and 4

to find the needed information for this weekas assignment please go
to the a?Case Study Assignment Linka? found under Learning Activities in Session 3 and
In the past, Jesse and the team considered using a JAD session to gather requirements.
This time the decision has been made to begin requirements gathering using the
Interview technique. While more techniques will be needed, the team thought that
using Interviews will give them a great start.
For this assignment please prepare a paper in APA format that provides your plan to
successfully gather requirements using the Interview technique. In your paper please
address the following items:
1. Outline for Jesse what process you will follow to ensure that the Interviewing
process will be successful. For each step, provide a detailed paragraph that
describes exactly how you will accomplish that step. (Please note that this step
should be a minimum of three, typed, double space pages. More detail in
2. Provide a list of of team members that will be on your Interview List. Include their
job function within the company.
3. Provide a list of questions that you will use for each person.
4. Share with Jesse how you plan to summarize and publish the results.

1. Outline for Jesse the process you are
going to use. Please note that this
should be multiple pages in length to
earn full credit.
3. Prepare a list of questions for each
person depicted above.
4. Your plan to summarize and publish
the results.