Orum: Analyze a poems message to the reader.

Select ONE poem from this weeks list and analyze its message to the reader. This is a complex task because none of these poems are about what they seem to be about on the surface. For instance, Ciardi isnt really writing about dog poop, Simpson isnt really making a statement about those neat little neighborhoods with uniform houses and perfect lawns. Look below the surface and tell us what the poem is really about by doing a close reading of the lines and the language see the essay on pages 760-762 in your Bedford for more on close reading. You must convince me to see things your way by providing specific quotes and detailed explanations.
William Hathaway: Oh,Oh. I attached a copy of the poem. page 760. The Bedford Introduction to Literature.
Also, I attached a copy of a sample close reading.
An original title for this forum is necessary to get a grade. An original title according to the poem.
Any question, please contact me.