Orum Assignment Six Week 6 Reason and Revolution Part I

Some of the more characteristic doctrines of the Enlightenment focused on the power and goodness of human rationality.

1) Reason is the most significant and positive capacity of the human;
2) reason enables one to break free from primitive, dogmatic, and superstitious beliefs holding one in the bonds of irrationality and ignorance;
3) in realizing the liberating potential of reason, one not only learns to think correctly, but to act correctly as well;
4) through philosophical and scientific progress, reason can lead humanity as a whole to a state of earthly perfection;
5) reason makes all humans equal and, therefore, deserving of equal liberty and treatment before the law;
6) beliefs of any sort should be accepted only on the basis of reason, and not on traditional or priestly authority; and
7) all human endeavors should seek to impart and develop knowledge, not feelings or character. (pbs.com)

Discussion Forum: Franklin, Paine, and Jefferson embodied the Age of Enlightenment.. Use four of the seven doctrines to explain and prove these authors philosophies.

Use examples in our readings to prove your choices. However, you may use only one to two sentences of quoted material each, so choose carefully. You may use more than one author, but you must examine at least four doctrines thoroughly. (Please number your selections).

Please post no fewer than 300 words. You should use quote(s) whenever necessary to prove your point, but make sure to balance those as well.