Oshka Macuga, Weaving Narratives, Making Worlds

This essay will form a part of my dissertation. I will focus on Macugas three projects, The Nature of the Beast”, Untitledat Zacheta, Warsaw, and The Walker Art Centre exhibition. These will provide a background for analysis of her unique approach where she combined the roles of the creator, curator, exhibition designer, researcher, etc and, very importantly, appropriation artist. I am currently writing a very detailed description of the three projects mentioned above, what I need is the theoretical background for it. I do not have experience in writing this type of assignement at an MA level, so dont actually know what is expected. My supervisor said that she wants me to write 5000 words describing the work first, which I am doing now and what I need from you is some theoretical framework. I am not sure whether it should be an overview of all the different aspects of her practice, maybe there should be a focus on the institutional critique aspect of her work which is of course very closely related with the appropriation and curatorship aspects. I have not yet decided on what my problem is going to be, not sure if this is something I have to provide you with? My personal circumstances have changed dramatically and all I need right now is help, so I can pass and concentrate on my life. If I am only after a pass, I dont suppose the thesis has to be extremely inventive, rather, I hope it would propose a take on the role of a contemporary artist.
Another important thing is that my course is heavily focused on conceptualism, so the conceptualist nature of Macugas work should be highlighted.