Ospital emergency preparedness: Expectations and provider perceptions

This is a proposal. I have already submitted it three times and it has still not be accepted. It needs intro to chapter 2. Content and organization of lit review section. Search strategy section. Chapter 2 needs to be organized according to Kingdons notions. Need some literature review on politics to fit with Kingdon. theoretical framework. Need prior research methods. Section on why choose quantative.
Chapter 3 Needs to be sorted into problems policies and politics (kingdon). Research design support choice usong prior research methods from chapter 2.
Questionnaire Dev and data sourceneed table relating research questions to survey questions.
Chapter 3 needs to be completely reviewed I am struggling with making it all come together without a sample of a giant number which is greater than the number of hospitals in TN.

Added on 23.11.2014 20:49
My original instructions have not been carried out.
It only looks like some very minor edits have been made.
Even with that there are still typos.
When I called I explained that I had already written a great deal. That I needed writing help. I explained what I needed and after two phone calls I was given the same instructions. To fill out an application under editing.
I need specific work done.
These are the instructions I gave. None of them have been carried out.
I am willing to pay for the work either from you or another agency. Can you do the following? Can it be done by Thursday?
I requested expansion on the introduction to chapter 2.
A section on search strategy.
Chapter 2 needs organization according to J. KingdonS notions.
Expand literature review to include politics to fit with KingdonS theoretical framework.
Need a section on research methods used in other emergency preparedness research
Need a section on why I chose quantitative method

Added on 23.11.2014 20:58
Is there any way I can speak to the writer?

Added on 23.11.2014 20:59
Please see original instructions. We have lost 10 days now. Can this work be done.

Added on 26.11.2014 13:07
Here is the comments from professor