Ospitality and Tourism Operations Systems task

Read the a family weekend at Center Parcs case study. This is an extract from the larger Center Parcs case in the textbook BUT the emphasis here is on the operations aspects of the case and not the process of the merger with Oasis.

Draw a flow process chart or service blueprint of the customer experience, based on the example of the family given in the case study. Identify on the diagram any areas that you feel are potentially problematic for customers.

Choose two of these problem areas and explain why you feel that they are difficult and how Center Parcs should respond.

In what ways does information technology give Center Parcs both internal and external strategic advantage?

How should quality be managed in a Center Parcs village? Should all parts of the village have the same approach? (Refer to your flow chart if appropriate).

I would expect one chart/diagram and around 3000 words maximum.