Ospitality Management Food studies report

Report You are the new general manager of the riverside inn The Duck Inn on the banks of the river Thames. It is a 10 bedroom public house serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pub gardens are fairly extensive and extend down to the river consequently there are often a lot of ducks on the grass;hence the pubs name. The restaurant seats 50 covers and the menu reflects a fairly traditional english style. Unfortunately business is slow and you are making some changes. You have decided the update the menus and to develop an outdoor barbeque area where one of the first events will be themed on the forthcoming Olympic Games.

The kitchen is small and situated some way from the barbeque garden. There is a head chef who has 2 commis and a kitchen porter. Storage spaces is limited although there are the usual freezing and chilling facilities. Outside there is a supply of cold drinking water but no electricity. Cooking will be done on a large fixed charcoal barbeque which is not covered. Food will be served from direct from the barbeque by cooking staff;accompaniments will be on a self-serve basis from tables on a nearby patio.

The UK governement has introduced the Public Health Responsibility deal

(gov.uk) This states that caterers should support and enable our customers to eat and drink fewer calories through actions such as product/menu reformulation, reviewing portion sizes, education and information, and actions to shift the marketing mix towards lower calorie options.

Your customers are also increasingly aware of the relationship between food and health. Strategies to imporve menu provision are therefore important.

As general manageer you have overall responsibility for the changes and your first task is to produce some policy documents.

1)Produce a food hygiene policy for staff running the outdoor barbeque area. In a short introduction to this document explain what information is included in the policy and why it is important.

2)Produce a healthy eating strategy document for the whole business, this to include what diet and nutrition information you would include on the menu. In addition you should provide a suggested menu for the restaurant and the barbeque.
(The 2 menus are not included in the word count)

Referencing Requirements:
Harvard style