Ospitality Management Research Report

1. Rationale
The themed lecture and seminar programme facilitated by the lecturing team have been designed to widen knowledge in a range of themes all of which underpin practices in the hospitality industry. In order to meet the Intended Learning Outcomes as featured in the Unit Descriptors, in addition to attending lectures and participating in seminars, every student is required to engage in guided research activities, to write up their findings and to present these in the form of an individual report upon which summative assessment will be given.

2. The learning outcomes being assessed
1. Demonstrate an understanding of accommodation provision, food and beverage production and service operations management principles as applied in real-world environments
3. Demonstrate the maturity and understanding necessary for independent learning and self development
4. Demonstrate the ability to analyse and interpret information from a range of sources
5. Demonstrate the ability to communicate key ideas and concepts in an effective, professional manner

3. Overview of assignment

Select six topics of your choice from those covered in weeks 19 a 37 of the lecture/seminar sessions, and complete the research exercises and reflections set for each of the six sessions chosen. (I have chosen 1. production cycle,2.Catering cycle,3.Tea,coffee and chocolate 4.Beer,cider & perry 5.Cheese 6.Food& wine connection.)
Undertake a short literature review of each of the six topics and relate this to current practice and events in the hospitality industry. Books and journal articles should be the prime sources to underpin answers to seminar exercises, however, newspapers, journals, and magazines may also be useful. The
The report should be in report format, with heading and page numbers, and include:-
title page (showing course of study, unit, date of submission, studentas name and word count);
table of contents;
introduction to the report;
information on the six topics selected, starting with an introduction and ending with a conclusion;
conclusion should include personal reflections upon the relevance of the topics to your degree route/career path, and the effect of the learning experience upon your knowledge and understanding of hospitality (do not use references to first person);
list of references;
appendices (to include printouts shown in key task 1 above and any other relevant additional supporting material).