Oster Youth and why they are not succeeding in their Education-

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students the opportunity to better understand scholarly literature and the skills necessary to critically evaluate prior research on a specific topic. Students will develop an area of study to enhance their knowledge of that particular area of interest. Each student will discuss their topic in class and develop a content-specific area based on a concrete research question. Students will then complete a literature review (10 pages). Each study will consist of at least one theoretical article or book and NINE empirical research articles, with annotated bibliographies turned in throughout the first few weeks of the semester. Students will then use these bibliographies to develop a professional literature review (i.e., cover page, abstract, introduction, literature review, conclusion, and references). This completed proposal will be submitted to Task Stream and electronically to the professor. Grading for this entire assignment is as follows: annotated bibliographies (18 points/2 points each x 9 required bibliographies) and literature review