Oster YouthFor Educational Counseling Program

Students will work in pairs to develop a comprehensive look at one specific population. These populations can be related to, but not limited to, ethnicity, sexual orientation/gender, disability status, or religious group. Students will provide a clinical anecdote related to an issue faced by the group they selected. Students will then research and write a group paper (10-15 pages) providing information regarding pertinent potential issues as they relate to working with this population:

3. Language and cultural considerations including:
a. Social Organization/Structure
b. Community influences/considerations
c. Educational Systems
d. Religious considerations/history
e. Holidays observed
f. Language considerations
5. Prevalent health considerations for the group
7. Counseling considerations or tips for working with this population
a. This section of the paper should be well thought out and based upon current professional practices and knowledge in the field
8. Term used to describe or used by this cultural group (e.g., Adhan i?? Muslim call to prayer, i??lipstick lesbiani?? i?? a term used to describe a feminine lesbian, machismo i?? term used to describe stereotypical male behavior in Spanish speaking cultures)

Students are not to choose a cultural group in which they belong. The intent is to broaden your understanding of working with persons from another cultural group. Students will then present this information in class and provide copies of their findings to the others members of the class.

Added on 17.04.2015 10:01
Please have about 2 pages for #3 a-e, do not worry about #f. the rest of the 4 pages can be distributed between #5, #7a and #8. We are discussing the Foster Care youth between the ages of 12 and 17. I hope this helps.