Ostering fitness environments for the adoption and adherence of Physical activity via Mastery Goal Orientation

KIN 4520: Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Activity
This assignment requires students to demonstrate their ability to synthesize and apply
information in a usable format consistent with their career aspirations, future line of study, or
personal interests. Papers should demonstrate that student can apply the body of knowledge from
KIN 4520 in a practical situation.

Application Paper

4. Develop a psychosocial action plan that would enhance the training of current or future gym members regarding the adoption and adherence of PA in a personally owned gym setting via Mastery Goal Orientation.

Section I: Introduction (1/2 page). This includes for all paper forms (unless specified):
o Statement of the problem, why it is important, how is it personally relevant
o Purpose of the paper

Section II: Body of Knowledge (2-3 pages).This includes for all paper forms (unless specified):
o Background knowledge introduce previous work, theories, approach, etc. in the
topic area. Provide literature support. Do not list article by article. Synthesize the
literature and take a critical look to determine strengths/weaknesses (
o Present and evaluate the intervention or action/treatment plan ; Substantiate with
Section III: Conclusion (1/2 page). This include for all paper forms (unless specified):
o What did you learn?
o Paper summary
o Future directions
o Implications

Section IV: References
You must use at least 5 academic references within 10 years (review papers or original articles)
in this paper. No textbooks, magazines, or commentary pieces. A paper copy of the first page
(more than just the abstract) of each source listed in references page must be turned in with

Heading should follow this format; Rosario a Fostering fitness environment for the adoption and adherence Physical activity via Mastery Goal Orientation? 1

This paper must be a full 3-4 pages in length (excluding references and title page) and conform
to following: Paper must be typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font, and double spaced with
1a? margins (top, bottom, left, right). Name should appear in header along with an abbreviated
version of the paper title and page number (see this page as an example). First full written page
(not title page, if provided) should be page #1. Staple all pages together, including first pages of
referenced sources. Citations and references page should follow the APA (6th edition) guidelines.

Criteria for Evaluation:
Criteria Points
1. Introduction Clarity of purpose & rationale 20 points
2. Relevancy, Accuracy & Application of KIN
4520 Content 20 points
3. Synthesis of available literature 20 points
4. Conclusion lessons learned, directions,
implications 20 points
5. Organization, flow, logic of idea 10 points
6. Overall quality of writing & content 10 points
TOTAL /100