Ostoevskys Crime and Punishment book review. 2000 words book review analyzing the relevance of this book for its STRATEGIC lessons.

In reviewing the book you MUST consider the following questions:

How does the author diagnose what is wrong with the strategic decisions being made by society or by the protagonist now, or made by society or the protagonist in the past? Analyze with at least 5 examples from the book.

How does the author lead the reader to consider new strategic directions not just for the individual or the protagonist but also for society as a whole? Give al least 5 examples from the book.

Finally, give your opinion of whether you find the authors arguments or story convincing. If so, why? If not, why not? Again use at least 5 examples to support your opinion.

You do not need to use any external sources to write the review, and any direct quotations in your review should simply put the page number, and year of your edition of the book in brackets after the quotations.