Ot 2 parts. They all a about the roles of psychiatric nurse

Assignment Topic

According to the DHS (1998) one of the roles of the psychiatric nurse is to have an awareness of stigma and the ability to challenge their beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and bias about mental disorder.  Reflecting on practice, feelings and beliefs and the consequences of these for individuals/groups is an important professional benchmark (ANMC, 2006).

Part A (1500 words)
Drawing on current literature explain the impact of beliefs and values about mental illness on the delivery of mental health care. Explain recommendations to reduce the occurrence of stigma in psychiatric settings.

Part B (1000 words)
Reflect on your own longstanding beliefs and values which will affect delivery of mental health care. Draw on current literature and (to a lesser extent) your reflective journal to support your discussion.

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council, (2006). National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse.

Mental Health Branch Aged Community and Mental Health Division, Department of Human Services (July 1998). Undergraduate Nursing Education in Victoria. Psychiatric Knowledge, Attitudes and Skill Requirements for Beginning Level Division 1 Nurses.

Please follow the marking guide as below:

Consideration made of whether introduction:
 i,offers appropriate preamble (1)
 ii,offers clear outline (1)
 iii,provides direction for discussion (2)
 iv,limits scope of discussion (1)

Paper demonstrates supported discussion
Consideration made of whether:
 i,wide reading on the topic is demonstrated (4)
 ii,choice of literature is appropriate (4)
 iii,views are presented in student s own words (paraphrasing) (4)
 iv,does not include irrelevant material (4)
 v,discussion exceeds descriptive level, demonstrating analysis, reflective and critical thinking (4)

Part A

Paper addresses the topic /
 question . Consideration made of whether the paper demonstrates a sound understanding of and ability to critique:
 i,The impact of longstanding beliefs and values on care provision (10)

 ii,Practice recommendations that reduce stigma relational to beliefs and values (10)

iii,Roles and responsibilities of the health professional to reduce the occurrence of stigma (10)

Part B

Consideration made of whether the paper demonstrates a sound understanding and the ability to discuss:
 i,The author s longstanding beliefs and values. (10)

 ii,How those longstanding beliefs and values relate to stigma in psychiatric nursing (10)

iii,Evidence of self-awareness and reflection (10)


Paper offers a purposive conclusion. Consideration made of whether conclusion
 ” offers a summation of ideas (1)
 ” draws together the discussion (1)
 ” presents no new material (1)
 ” demonstrates reflective
 practice (2)

Paper demonstrates clarity:

Factors considered:
 ” major terms are defined (1)
 ” demonstrates an understanding of terminology used (1)
 ” coherence and logical sequencing of the discussion without repetition of ideas (1)
 ” grammar, syntax, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure, paragraph linking, use of section headings are appropriate (2)


Paper meets presentation requirements. Consideration made of whether
 ” APA style & referencing conventions are adhered to (3)
 ” presentation (e.g. paper meets title page, page numbering, line spacing and margin requirements, headings as appropriate) (1)
 ” word count must be adhered to (1)