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The a?crime analysis processa? doesnat end until the pattern or problem ends (or, at least, is significantly reduced), and that means that someone in the police agency needs to take appropriate action with the crime analysis product. The readings for this unit have given you a sense of possible actions, but choosing the right action is a matter of matching the possibilities to the facts of the phenomenon in front of us.
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In the law enforcement field crime is all about researching the problem and trying to come up with solution to deter the crime from happening again. This begins with analyzing the local problem the analysis will have a clearer picture of what is contributing to such problem. When dealing with these issues of this nature one would have to have a solid baseline for working through effectiveness to focus on the problems in hope to deuce the crimes in a specific area.
In order to actually develop a way to solve crimes one must start with tactical development there are three tactics remove the motivated offender through apprehension tactics, remove the suitable targets through target hardening tactics, and supply the capable guardianship tactics. There is a role for strategies to provide a base to build on and open to fresh creative ideas that focus on the particular crime. This would be developed from police reports, research and input perhaps from individuals in the community anything that can help the law enforcement field in their jobs that they can perform better in carrying out their jobs in reducing crime having a better response.

There was an issue in Gotham City the residents reported that the street prostitution was one that they didnat care for. Street prostitution known as an old school term as street walkers is not only residential issues; it is a commercial issue as well. This is problematic because of the area and times the transactions of illegal sex occurs the sentence for such acts of this nature are usually ends up being of not much of a charge it usually ends up being a light sentences for the crime.

The transitional nature of street prostitution and the fact that some responses may lead to displacement means that jurisdiction must share information to make a significant regional impact on the problem. (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department 2003). The majority of prostitutes are either on drugs, homeless, run away, and individuals that have mental illness and have been displaced in society and some prostitutes are on Government assistants.

Tactical is to remove the offender so in this type of case of prostitution law enforcement would have to do Sweeps of the area and location of activity and set up sting operations In hotels that utilize these types of activities with increasing high volumes of police presence under cover as well as uniformed officers this is a deterrent to discourage street prostitution. In some cases the law enforcement has even gone to the extent to open operation in the community in highly frequent areas and establishing a small police department which are referred to as mobile stations and Kiosk that seem useful.

The extra man power for law enforcement can bernment assistant, come expensive and there are departments that just simply cannot afford to spare any extra officers for the task and the other issue is that it would appear that the area is not safe with extra patrolling.

In order to try to remove prostitution tactical and strategies would to implement and limit Government aid form unemployment, disability assistance and by law enforcement reporting the prostitution arrests and activity they could report it to the agencies that are providing their assistants because if they reported their earnings in prostitution they would lose their assistants this would be good start.

Imposing curfews for the prostitution so that they are not disturbing businesses during their hours of operation and residential restricted hours as well. To enforce these curfews law enforcement would have to offer them one of two things to make it clear about the curfew wither bail of probation there again would have to be extra man power where the correction officers or law enforcement officer can monitor the offenders.

In tactical and strategies in street prostitution the strategies also would have to incooude closing down certain traffic flows where itas not easy accessible. The law enforcement would have to close streets, alleys, regulate parking, and try to divert traffic flow.

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