Othic Literature-comparison/contrast between Dracula (Stoker) and The House of the Lady of Love (Angela Carter)

Paper #3, due 6/9, will be on Bram Stokeras Dracula.


In choosing a subject for Paper #1 and #2, the most effective strategy is to decide which reading or readings you like the most and then determine why you find them especially engaging and interesting and/or the connections between them if youare doing a comparison-contrast. All three essays should focus on an element of fiction, gothic theme, or critical approach. For instance, if you took a critical approach with Paper #1, you would either focus on an element of fiction with Paper #2 or focus on a theme. You would take yet another approach with Paper #3. You should wind up having done all three. For each paper you should only focus on one element of fiction, theme, or critical approach. Here are some considerations to help you decide on a topic:

A· If you immediately think of similarities and differences between the reading of your choice and another reading, you may wish to compare and contrast.

A· If you are primarily interested in the issues that the reading presents or your own responses to it, you may wish to use one of the critical strategies.

A· If you are primarily interested in a technique the writer or writers use, you could use the formal approach and focus on the technique as well as showing how it relates to what you see as the purpose of the writer(s).

A· If you think the reading illustrates a theme especially well, you could describe how that theme is specifically explored in the reading as well as referring to the authoras techniques to show how the theme is illustrated. This approach could also include references to critical strategies.

Before you start your first essay, please read the information regarding writing about literature on at least one of these websites, preferably checking them both to see which is the most a?user friendlya? to you:

1. Online Writing Lab at Purdue University html

In conjunction with the formats described on the web pages Iave listed, here is a basic format to follow for an essay on literature:


Describe the theme, element of fiction, or critical approach that youare focusing ona not by announcing it (Ex: a?In this paper I willa¦a?), but by making a statement about how your focus relates to what you believe is the purpose of the writer.


Provide specific examples of your focus from the reading, referring to specific page numbers of descriptions and using transitional words and phrases (similarly, moreover, however, nevertheless, as a result, etc.) to show connections between ideas, directly quoting when you believe the language is especially descriptive and should not be paraphrased and paraphrasing or summarizing when you wish to convey the plot without necessarily focusing on the language used in the description. Include page numbers for both quotes and paraphrases.


Explain the significance of your focus and how analyzing the writeras techniques in relation to your chosen theme enhances your understanding and appreciation of the reading. You could also describe how elements of the reading applied not only when it was written but also today, or apply not only to fiction but also to real life. If you do so, this shouldnat be brought up for the first time in your conclusion but should be an extension of a point youave already made in your essay.

A title is also required. It should identify your focus and engage interest in your topic.