Oucault essay, below is a list of questions, of which any one can be answered.

1)What do you understand to be Foucaults distinctive approach, and how would you assess the contributions of his work?
2)Explain and discuss some of Foucaults key concepts: discourse episteme power technologies, and truth for example
3)Foucaults Discipline and Punish has popularised Benthams idea of panopticon. How does it do this and what more does it do?
4)What do you understand by unreason and what role does it play in Madness and Civilisation?
5)Explain and discuss Foucaults account of the conceptual mastery of death in The Birth of the Clinic
6)Discuss Saids comment in his obituary of Foucault that his eurocentrism was almost total.
7)How does Butler understand the self and what role does Foucaults work play in this approach?
8)Was Foucault a good historian?

The primary texts were Foucaults History of sexuality, Discipline and Punish, and Madness and Civilisation. However I have already done an essay on The history of sexuality so this can be referred to but not used solely in the essay.

Number of sources does not necessarily have to be 3.

I have a list of secondary and further reading if you need it.