Oundation Degree in Health and Social care

Assessment brief:

A report (1500 words).Weighting 40%

Topic: A Critical incident reflecting on an element of practice

Learning outcomes to be demonstrated

1. Take an analytical and professional perspective on relationships as a care

2. Discuss methods of empowering patients/residents and service users to make
informed decisions.

Assignment guidelines:

In this assignment you are asked to write a report with word equivalence of 1500 words. In this report you are asked to demonstrate your understanding of a professional issue/issues/professional relationship as a carer and empowerment of service user to make informed decision.
You will need to make a careful well thought out plan for this piece of writing. The report should have an introduction of the topic, the main body of the report and a conclusion of this report.
Your first task is to identify an individual in need of health and or social care. This will be the starting point from where you can develop your arguments to demonstrate the learning outcomes.

In the introduction you will need to give an overview of what is the reader is expected to read in your report. This should be clearly stated.

Main body:
In the main body you will need to demonstrate your understanding of professional perspective/ professional /relationship as a carer.You will also need to demonstrate your understanding of empowerment and informed decision making. This should be logically related and presented with good paragraphing techniques.


In the conclusion you are asked to make a summary of the key points raised in your discussion and give an evaluation of the main argument. You can make recommendation for future practice if you feel there is a rationale for this.
The level 5 academic criteria is asking you to present your work as a critical discussion and you can achieve this by comparing and contrasting different ideas and theories.
All your work should be referenced using Harvard referencing system and a variety of academic sources from a range of reading material should be consulted and avoid total reliance on the use of internet as a main source of references. Please see your Tutor .for further guidance and instructions.