Oundation of knowledge and Profesional Skills

Assignment & Student Guidance Sheet

Programme: MBA

module Code & Title: Foundations of Knowledge and Professional Skills

Assignment Question:

The assessment for this module will take the form of ONE individually authored assignment. as follows. .,

Find and read the following article (it comes from an academic marketing journal).

Pierre McDonagh (2002) Communicative campaigns to effect anti-slavery and fair trade: The cases of Rugmark and Cafedirect, European Journal of Marketing Volume: 36 Issue: 5/6 age: 642 666

Further Guidance for the Student:
You must provide a short l ,000 words summary of the article (in your own words) that
Explains and explores the objectives of the study, its underlying assumptions and how the
analysis undertaken helps achieve these objectives. This summary needs to explain how the
analysis presented relates to the research aims of the article and thus how the authors claim to
have made a contribution to knowledge. If appropriate, you can also discuss any
limitations inherent in the article.

The article does demand some concentration from you. The key things for you to do are:
i. To understand why and how the stages in the analysis have been undertaken, and
ii. To ask yourself whether there could be other ways to try and explore the research
questions raised, and perhaps,
iii. To ask yourself whether these questions were even appropriate to ask in the first

(i) and (ii) are essential, and (iii) will be good if you can manage it. This sort of thinking will help you make sense of other similar articles that you will need to read during the coming ears, especially for your dissertation.

(ii) Compare and Contrast writing

This assignment should be 1000 words in length and should
be informed not only by the article itself BUT ALSO BY WIDER READING OF OTHER SOURCES. References to the article and the additional reading upon
which YOU draw should be made using the Harvard referencing system.

Word Limit: 1000 words. There is no lower limit however students may not exceed 10% of he stated word limit.

Assessment Criteria:
In addition to the criteria outlined above and in the Programme Handbook. students are expected to demonstrate:
. A grasp of the ways in which aspects of methodology inform and influence the
production of knowledge in the field of management.
. The ability to reflect on your own and others methodological assumptions and
Approaches, especially those of the authors of the material that you will confront in
the remainder of the programme.
. Sufficient quantitative awareness to enable the analysis and understanding of the
quantitatively oriented publications that you will encounter in the remainder of the
. An appreciation that there are different educational cultures across the world and have
learnt how to operate successfully within the one at work in the UK and, more
specifically, ULSM.
. We shall also look for a logical flow to your answers and we do expect to see you
using a recognised referencing system (e.g. Harvard) to cite source material.
Use Headings.

Further advice:
(i) Please read carefully and familiarise yourself with the accompanying notes that will inform you about what is being expected of you. Advice on referencing and other aspects of study skills is available on the distance learning Blackboard sitehttps:/lblackboard.le.ac.uk/
Word limit: 1,000.
[(iii) All materials and sources should be-appropriately referenced in the main body of your assignment (e.g. Authors surname, year of publication). Simply cutting and pasting material
from a website is unacceptable and will be considered as plagiarism. Any material used from a website must be referenced. Extensive guidance on referencing is given in your handbook.

To assist you with the development of a literature review the following resources are strongly
Business Source Premier.
The article is available :