Oundation of public heath open book Exam

4 short answer questions, Answers should be no more than 250 words long(The format will likely be short answer and essay) and require references in APA. this question covers all material in Turnock, Bernard. (2012). Public Health: What It Is and How It Works. Fifth Edition. University of Illinois at Chicago. ISBN-10: 1449600247/internet resources and other books in Foundation of public heath.br /
here is what instructor post:br /
This examination covers all material up to this point of this course. It is open book, note, and internet, etc; however, you are to work alone. Answers will be evaluated based on your ability to accurately demonstrate specific knowledge on the topic, based on the required readings (text and other articles). Include a reference section at the end of your exam that includes all the references that were cited throughout the exam. It is expected that you will cite other materials throughout your exam, and they should be cited by APA style with the Authors last name and year of publication in the text, for example (Lowe 2006). All plagiarism and academic integrity guidelines must be followed throughout the exam. Remember that your exam will be submitted through SafeAssign software so plagiarism is very easy to detect. br /
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Key course concepts that could be covered by the exam include public health as a system, the ecological model, public health interventions, social determinants of health and the role of governement in public health. br /
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