Oundational Philosophies of Management Paper

Identify a foundational management philosopher using the articles for your Journal Article Analysis assignment as a guide. I will provide the previous assignment.

Locate at least one document, article, or work from the foundational philosopher.

Write a 1,000 word essay detailing the differences you perceive between the management philosophy espoused by the foundational philosopher and the version of the philosophy described by at least 2 authors from your articles.

Include a flowchart and a 350-word narrative of the research trail or path that led you to the foundational management philosopher, including the following:
a?The list of references you followed to get to the philosopher.
a?The author, source, and year of publication for each item.
a?Recount how you found the articles in the Journal Article Analysis assignment.
a?Recount how these led you to your philosopher.
a?Note what other sources your articles led you to.
a?Describe how the articles you found are useful to you.
a?How did you assess each articleas credibility, reliability, and validity?

Format your essay consistent with APA guidelines.