Oundations for Young Children to the Indiana Academic Standards Assignment

gov/achievement/curriculum/early-childhood-education and clicking on the Indiana Foundations 2012 link. A PDF file will open. You can then scroll through the Introduction (p. 2-31), the Content Areas (p. 35-209), and the Appendix (p. 222-254) in order to answer the questions for this assignment.
A. In your own words state why the foundations were written (See the Introduction for this answer).

B. What three sections will be found in each individual section of the foundations that will guide the process with young children? Name and briefly describe. (See p. 5 of the Introduction)




C. What role does the Social-Emotional Development play in a childas overall development? (See p. 93)

In Social-Emotional growth, the following key factors are important to the childas growing capabilities. Define the significance of each:


Regulation of emotions-

Positive early relationships-

D. Write a brief paragraph about what you think parents need to know about technology. (See p. 232 and following pages in the Appendix).

E. How can/will you use the Sequences of Developmental Growth information in the Appendix?

F. Review the Content in Interest Areas (Literacy, Math, etc.) in the Appendix. Consider one of the play options (blocks, dramatic play, etc.) and read the suggestions given. From your reading this semester and your observational experiences, create two more options you could use in one specific area of the room to advance the childas learning in a content area.
Here is an Example:
Content Area: Science
Play Area: Discovery Table
Sample Ideas: 1). Bring in magnets with objects that will and will not be attracted to them
2). Bring in balance scales with various objects to discover equal and different weights.

Now describe your own Play Options for one content area:

Content Area (choose one):

Play Area (In what area of the room would this activity take place?)

Activity Idea#1

Activity Idea #2

G. The introduction offers special assistance and information regarding individual learners and topics important to learning as listed below. List one new idea you discovered from reviewing these sections:

Early Intervention and Special Education-

English Language Learners-