Oundations of Conflict Resolution MODULE 1 CASE ASSIGNMENT

We have stated time and again, that conflict is inevitable, and that it derails us off the tracks, of our normal personal and business lives, causing great emotional strife and financial costs.

If this is true, than it may be imperative that we should ALL be knowledgeable of the sources of conflict, and of the conflict management approaches, methods and techniques.

What will always be a challenge, is how to identify and best fit the method to the problem.

The Case Assignment

After carefully reading through the Module background material, please answer (in about 3 pages), the following questions: (I WILL ATTACH ARTICLES)

Types: we have substantive and personalized conflict types.

Strategies: we have Unilateral; Bilateral; and Third party strategies or approaches.

Can we have a best fit option in dealing with conflict? or in other words is method/strategy X best suited for source of conflict Y?

I suggest that you address and explain this in two parts: a. In general; and b. Give 2 examples of possible match ups.

Note be organized, so that your answer will be clear to your reader.