Oundations of Conflict Resolution MODULE 2 CASE ASSIGNMENT

One size fits all?

Douglas E Noll, the author of the following article (below): A theory of mediation”, presents four pillars of mediation theory:

Conflict goals

Level of conflict escalation

Mediation style or process


Then he suggests that: This theory appears to reconcile and justify all of the diverging views of practice and outcome into a unified view of mediation”, Then states a theory of mediation encompassing them all”.

The Case Assignment
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Please read access via ProQuest: Noll, D. E. (2001). A theory of mediation. Dispute Resolution Journal; New York; May-Jul 2001. Abstract: There is no lack of debate in the field of mediation. Topics that tend to attract the most attention and vigorous discussion include mediator qualification and process outcome. What is lacking is a practical theory that would bring together different views, and help both practitioners and clients. Existing literature is reviewed to form a simple mediation theory founded on basic conflict dynamics. This theory provides a framework for explaining various mediation styles and outcomes when a certain approach is appropriate and why. Click here

After carefully reading through the Module background material, and this article, please answer (in about 3 pages), the following questions:(i will upload)

What are the major points of the author?s pillars of mediation theory?

Is it possible to have a One size fits alltheory, or is it just different wording?

What are the most practical points, you derived from this article?

Note: I am more interested in YOUR insight and understanding, and less in a summary of the article.