Oundations of Information Technology assignment

This is for my Foundations of Information Technology class. Please remember that PART ONE and PART TWO are completely separate, they have nothing to do with each other and are going to be two separate posts for my online class.

Technology has seeped into society from all different perspectives. Looking at how it has affected us from all different areas, what are two ways in which technology has had an impact on society from a positive viewpoint?

Looking at the following areas of IT, what types of job processes have been enhanced by the existence of these particular areas? For example, interoffice envelopes have been replaced by the use of e-mail. Choose at least TWO TYPES of processes, state what they are, and how they have been enhanced by that particular area of IT.
*Network administration
*Security administration
*Database administration
*Software development
*Multimedia development …. REMEMBER, you ONLY have to choose at least TWO of these.

EXAMPLE from peer:
Network administration has cut off a lot of paperwork. Now we can simply email or people can simply find the form or paper they are looking for my looking in the system network. I think it is a great advantage.

Security administration has also helped to not needing cards or badges to get into a company or building. It reduces cost of having to print these things and keeps a close look at who is doing what. It is a great advantage for a company especially when they need privacy in a lot of areas.
** Dont copy that answer because a classmate already posted that, I was just giving you an example.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. These are my answers to two discussion questions for my online class.

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the example I gave was only for part two. Do not forget you have to answer both!