Oundations of ITDesigning a Computer Architecture

Assignment 3: Designing a Computer Architecture

You have studied the von Neumann architecture. All computers are based on this architecture.

submit a proposal of your Idealcomputeri??in narrative or visual form. If submitting this in visual form, please post it as an image file, PowerPoint, Word, or PDF file. Make sure to answer the following questions:

*State the technical specifications of your ideal computer
*What would you like your ideal computer to accomplish?
*What frustrations do you have with computer capabilities today?
*Do any of these things relate to von Neumanns architecture?

Good luck with the assignment! I know I clicked 12 hours, but really it just needs to be done before 5pm tomorrow. I know I chose 2 sources, but if you only end up using one thats okay too. I chose one page, please let me know if you need an extra page and I will definitely purchase it from you in the morning. If you start tonight, I promise I will pay for the extra page if you need one.

I would prefer you do this assignment the narrative way.