Oundations of Knowledge and Professional Skills

Locate, read, and review the following article:
Bechky, B. A. and Okhuysen, G. A. Expecting the unexpected? How SWAT officers and film crews handle surprises. Academy of Management Journal, 54 (2): 239-261.
Further Guidance for the Student
What does an article review entail?
Your review should
1. Identify the research question(s) addressed by the study.
(Hint: The research question is usually formulated in the introductory to the article.)
2. Outline the theoretical framework underpinning the study.
(Hint: The framework is usually presented in the introductory and the literature review sections of the article.)
3. Describe the research design and methods of data collection and analysis used by the authors to investigate the question.
(Hint: The methods are normally presented in the methodology section of the article.)
4. Summarize the results of the study and assess the author(s)a contribution to knowledge.
(Hints: The results are normally presented in detail in the analysis/results section and are also summarized in the discussion/conclusions section.)
5. Critically examine the study. Here you may consider the following issues:
a. Were the research questions interesting, original, and significant?
b. Could there be other ways to explore the research questions?
c. Did the study results help to answer the question?
d. What are the limitations of the study?