Oundations to Caring: the importance of the nursery education

To produce a document for a Child Care and Education student, which explains how the chosen setting can provide a positive environment for children in a nursery class.

The document should contain:

The characteristics of a positive environment.
How the setting meets the health and safety requirements and regulations.
How the basic physical and health needs of the children are met in the chosen setting.
A menu for a day, which promotes a balanced diet for a child in the chosen setting.
State the age of the child that the menu is for.
The role of the adult in maintaining and promoting a positive environment.
The importance of working as a member of a team.

Through the assignment it should ensure that it addresses anti-discriminatory/anti-bias practice where it is appropriate to the task.

The completed work should not exceed 3000 words. It should include references and a bibliography to support the work. References and quotations within the text are not included in the word limit.