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Wish you are doing fine. I told you before about this assignment. The instructions as follow:

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1You have got 7 questions ((I will upload them in the panel)). Just pick up 4 questions only. I prefer the first 4 questions.
2Each question answer will be in separated essay format that contain:

Introduction this sections around 4 or 5 lines
General statement about the question
Then the thesis statement which will be rewriting the question with different words.
To introduce the topic. ((This paper will discussa¦..))

Question answer
Can be presented in point form as long as the main points consist of complete sentences and the main points present sufficient detail to demonstrate your understanding of the reading material.

Make several paragraphs to demonstrate your understanding of the reading material like you did for me in the previous assignments

Break up the question to subheading to make sure you answer each point

Re writing the thesis statement with different words
Then, short summary for what has been discussed in the body
Then final thought ((my thought)) without writing I believea¦

3I uploaded the list of references1 and 2. Go through them please

4Please refer only to reference that ((I will uploaded them, please let me know when you cannot download anyone, just give me the file number)).
So, I can send it to customer service to forward it to you
All file in PDF format

5Please be clear in the writing, use simple words and language and do write very very long sentences as I am not native speaker. In fact, I really got distinction in all the assignment that you did for me, that is why I was insisting for you to complete the journey with me.

Thanks so much

6Each essay will be around 3 pages from 650-750 words. I ordered 12 pages.

7I think the question number 1 answer, form the essential reading topic number 1 and see other references in the other topics; this question is about understanding whole units. So, you can find information in the journals article and file that I uploaded.

8 Question number 2 I think in those articles:

Supplementary Readings1 topic number1

Bentall, R.P. (1992). A proposal to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder. Journal of Medical Ethics, 18, 94-98.

Boyle, M. (1999). Diagnosis. In C., Newnes, G., Holmes, & C., Dunn (Eds.). This is madness: A critical look at psychiatry and the future of mental health services. Herefordshire, UK: PCCS Books. [pp. 76-88].

Wyatt, W.J. (2009). Behavior analysis in the era of medicalization: current state of the science and recommendations for practitioners. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 2, 49-57.

9questions number 3 from those articles:

Essential Readings topic number2

Sulzer-Azaroff, B., & Mayer, R.G. (1991). Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change. USA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning. [pp 137-147].

Malott, R.W., & Trojan Suarez, E. (2004). Principles of Behavior (5th Ed.). New Jersey, USA: Pearson. [pp 59-72].

Supplementary Readings topic number 2
Malott, R.W., & Trojan Suarez, E. (2004). Principles of Behavior (5th ed). New Jersey, USA: Pearson. [pp 21-35].

Sulzer-Azaroff, B., & Mayer, R.G. (1991). Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change. USA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning. [pp 467-480].

I uploaded some example for positive reinforcement

10Question number 10 from this article

Bannerman, D.J., Sheldon, J.B., Sherman, J.A., & Harchik, A.E. (1990). Balancing the right to habilitation with the right to personal liberties: The rights of people with developmental disabilities to eat too many doughnuts and take a nap. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis,23, 79-89.

I uploaded example from friends about question number 4 and question 2 but question 2 has been changed a little bit this semester

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